Raw African Ivory Shea Butter

Simply Pure Skin Care

$ 16.95 $ 29.95

Our Shea Butter is Raw, which means unlike the refined versions that are sold, it contains all of the beautifying and curative nutrients.  Shea Butter has the therapeutic ability to soften wrinkles and reduce the appearance of aging skin.  Additionally, Raw Shea Butter contains several natural anti-inflammatory agents and a natural minor sunscreen agent.  Simply Pure Skin Care's Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A,E,F, K, & essential fatty acids.  Grade A, organic, unrefined, & virgin.  Double filtered for the highest quality.  For those of you that love the nourishing quality of Raw Shea Butter, our butter is smooth and creamy, not grainy!

Everyone benefits from using Shea Butter.  It moisturizes and heals skin.  Helps dry and damaged skin, scars, rashes, burns, stretch marks, expectant mothers baby belly,  blemishes, and many other skin issues.  You can use this Shea Butter alone or you mix with your favorite oils to make whipped body butters.

Our Shea Butter comes in two individually packaged 8 oz. bars for your convenience.  Use one bar now and save the other bar for later use to ensure quality and freshness.


Remove a small amount of Shea Butter from the container, a little goes along way. Rub between the palms of your hands until melted. Apply all over your skin, or to specific problem areas. Allow a few minutes for the oils to absorb. Apply to the ends of hair after washing as a conditioner. 

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