Pure Emu Oil

Simply Pure Skin Care

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This amazing oil is the secret of many celebrities and skin care professionals like  Oprah.

Emu Oil is an extremely effective moisturizer and emollient without leaving your skin oily.  With regular use it causes the skin to grow slightly thicker and smoother causing wrinkles to become physically smaller.  It is especially useful for use around and near the eyes since it does not cause irritation.  Skin that has been exposed to the sun for many years improves dramatically.

This powerful oil has the ability to reduce inflammation in soft tissue and increase the growth rate in skin cells.  It is useful in reducing the symptoms related to eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne, scars, burns and many other skin conditions.

THIS IS A POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS. It's time to try the new secret miracle oil.

2 fl. oz. Bottle

Shake well before use. As a moisturizer, apply a few drops to dry skin. Spread evenly adding more if needed. Use as often as desired. For Therapeutic Uses: apply slightly more than for a moisturizer and use at least 3 times daily on affected areas. CAUTION: For external use only. store at room temperature and keep out of direct light.


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