About Us

At Simply Pure Skin Care, we are dedicated to finding the highest quality, all natural products for our clients.  Skin care is our passion along with the whole body health.  It is so important that we are very selective about what we put on our skin because our skin absorbs everything we put on it within seconds.  For this reason, it is vitally important that our skin care products are from natural sources, 100% pure and good for you and your skin!  It is possible to achieve noticeable results without going under the knife, using synthetic, harsh or harmful chemicals, and we believe the products we offer can help women of all ages obtain the healthy and beautiful skin they deserve. Beautiful skin is a CHOICE!

Here are a few ways that Simply Pure Skin Care can help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin...

  • We have on staff, J. Marie, who has been a licensed Esthetician for over 30 years.  J. Marie is involved in every product selection, and does extensive research to ensure we offer the highest quality and most effective products for our clients.
  • We love our products and use them!  We see amazing results in our own skin, and want that for our clients too.
  • Our products are pure, natural, and offer a healthy and beneficial alternative to other chemical based products.  We want you to discover the benefits of going NATURAL!
  • We are on a mission to continue to provide new amazing finds in skin care and whole body health.