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    Our agriculture counsellors

    We have a network of agriculture counsellors based around the world in key trade locations. They promote Australia’s agricultural interests, and help our agricultural sector grow.

    Our agriculture counsellors work with our biosecurity, exports and trade and market access teams. Together, they improve and maintain market access for Australian agricultural exports.


    • explore and develop new market openings for Australian farmers and exporters
    • maintain existing market access
    • improve technical market access
    • provide market intelligence
    • manage sensitive policy issues
    • represent Australia at meetings and negotiations
    • resolve issues when Australian agricultural goods arrive at their foreign destination.

    Keep updated


    Find out more about what our agriculture counsellors do.

    Counsellor transcript DOCX [21 KB, 1 page]

    Where are they?

    We base them in key trade markets for Australia. This includes Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. In some cases they have a broader regional coverage beyond the countries in which they are based.

    Word map indicating locations of Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment overseas staff.?

    Country of Location Officer Name Officer Position Email
    Belgium Jo Grainger Minister Counsellor Joanna.grainger@dfat.gov.au
    Belgium Kieran Macdonell Counsellor kieran.macdonell@dfat.gov.au
    Chile Ian Mortimer Counsellor ian.mortimer@dfat.gov.au
    China Dean Merrilees Minister Counsellor dean.merrilees@dfat.gov.au
    China Duncan Craig Counsellor duncan.craig@dfat.gov.au
    England Simon Smalley Minister Counsellor Simon.Smalley@dfat.gov.au
    India John Southwell Counsellor john.southwell@dfat.gov.au
    Indonesia George Hughes Counsellor george.hughes@dfat.gov.au
    Italy Lynda Hayden Counsellor Lynda.Hayden@dfat.gov.au
    Japan Thomas Krijnen Counsellor thomas.krijnen@dfat.gov.au
    Malaysia Sanjay Boothalingam Counsellor sanjay.boothalingam@dfat.gov.au
    Mexico Kate Makin Counsellor kate.makin@dfat.gov.au
    South Korea Emma Hatcher Counsellor Emma.Hatcher@dfat.gov.au
    Thailand Ilona Stobutzki Minister Counsellor ilona.stobutzki@dfat.gov.au
    UAE David Kim Counsellor david.kim@dfat.gov.au
    USA Cameron Hutchison Minister Counsellor Cameron.Hutchison@dfat.gov.au
    Vietnam Tony Harman Counsellor Tony.Harman@awe.gov.au
    Last reviewed: 27 August 2020
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