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    Importing live animals and reproductive material

    ??Not all live animals and reproductive materials are permitted to be imported into Australia; the pest or disease risks associated with their importation may be considered too great.

    The links below provide the import conditions and quarantine requirements for pet animals that currently can be imported into Australia.

    • Birds – Selected species from New Zealand only
    • Cats – import via approved countries only
    • Dogs – import via approved countries only
    • Horses – approved countries only
    • Rabbits – New Zealand only

    Currently no other pet animals can be imported into Australia.
    For more information see Unique or exotic pets.

    Information and import conditions applicable to:

    If the animal you are looking for isn’t listed above, you can search the department's Biosecurity import conditions system (BICON). Animals that do not have import conditions listed in BICON are currently not permitted to be imported. More information, including applications to import biosecurity risk material, can be found online.?
    Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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