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    Approved arrangements

    Approved arrangements, previously Quarantine Approved Premises and Compliance Agreements, are voluntary arrangements entered into with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

    These arrangements allow operators to manage biosecurity risks and/or perform the documentary assessment of goods in accordance with departmental requirements, using their own sites, facilities, equipment and people, and without constant supervision by the department and with occasional compliance monitoring or auditing.

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    The department has developed a video explaining how to manage pests and diseases that may be present in imported goods and containers at approved arrangement sites.

    If you hold an approved arrangement or work on a site that holds an approved arrangement, make sure you know and comply with your conditions when handling imported goods and understand what to do when you identify a potential biosecurity risk.


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    Approval and maintenance of an arrangement

    To enter into an approved arrangement, and maintain your approved status, you will need to make an application and prove that you can meet requirements set by the department.

    Application process

    If you are interested in entering into an approved arrangement, you will need to make an application to the department.

    As part of this application you must prove that you have met the requirements for the type of arrangement you are proposing, including the fit and proper person test.

    Requirements for operating an approved arrangement

    Requirements for approval of an arrangement, and the maintenance of approved status, are determined based on the class of approved arrangement.

    The class type applied to your approved arrangement is a category based system that reflects the:

    • activities that take place at the site
    • any risks associated with those activities.

    Training and accreditation

    You may be required to meet training and accreditation requirements before your proposed arrangement is approved by the department. Accreditation must be kept up to date to maintain your approved status.

    Managing compliance

    The process for assessing and monitoring compliance in an approved arrangement, and handling of cases of noncompliance, is outlined in the Approved arrangement general policies.

    Approved sites

    If you need to make use of an existing approved arrangement site, the department maintains a list of sites that have an arrangement with the department.

    Revocations, changes and variations to broker approved arrangements

    If you need to revoke or change your current broker approved arr?angement, depending on the type of change, you may be required to complete an application.

    Changes and variations to non-broker approved arrangements

    If you need to make a change to or vary your current non-broker approved arrangement, depending on the type of change, you will be required to complete an application.

    Suspending or revoking non-broker approved arrangements

    If you have an existing approved arrangement, you must notify the department if you are planning to suspend all operations, some operations or if you wish to revoke your arrangement.

    Third party assessors

    Containment approved arrangement sites (class 5, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4) must meet the design and construction aspects of the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2982.1:1997 (Laboratory Design and Construction) and AS/NZS 2243.3:2002 (Safety in Laboratories Standards.

    Compliance with these standards is assessed by a departmental approved third party assessor.


    There are fees and levies payable for approved arrangement activities, including:

    • making an application for approval of a proposed arrangement
    • maintaining approval on a yearly basis.
    • Details of fees and levies relating to AAs can be found in the department’s charging guidelines.

    Further information

    The department provides guidance for participants in approved arrangements to help them comply with operational requirements. This includes:

    Please contact the department for more information regarding approved arrangements.

    Last reviewed: 25 September 2020
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