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    Exporting dairy products from Australia

    ????We regulate the export of dairy products from Australia. This ensures that goods:

    • comply with export laws
    • meet importing country requirements.

    Laws and regulations

    Regulation assures our trading partners that our goods are safe to import.

    Our export laws define:

    • types of products regulated (prescribed)
    • your obligations, if you are involved in the export of regulated products.

    We can help you understand your obligations under Australian export laws.

    If you are a small to medium business owner, you can also check the Dairy Australia trade ready website.

    Dairy Export Assurance Program

    The department has received funding for three new projects aiming to reduce regulatory burden and streamlining audit arrangements in the dairy sector.

    The projects are:

    1. Identifying the regulatory hurdles for domestic dairy manufacturers to become an approved establishment.
    2. Food safety in commercial assurance programs.
    3. Working towards reduced regulatory intervention through improved data.

    Work will begin in 2020 and the department will provide progress updates to industry throughout the project.

    Importing country requirements

    You must meet all importing country requirements for your goods. This applies to everyone involved in the export supply chain.

    Before you export:


    You are responsible for declaring prescribed goods are fit for export.

    New exporters

    Follow our step-by-step guide to exporting dairy products.

    Regular exporters

    Make sure you meet all requirements for dairy exporters.

    If you also manufacture or process dairy products for export, you must also register your establishment.

    Export registered establishments

    If you prepare or handle prescribed dairy products for export, you must register with us. This includes:

    • dairy ingredient suppliers
    • freight forwarders
    • manufacturers
    • storage facilities
    • those who store or load goods for export (excluding the wharf and airport terminal).

    You are responsible for handling goods in line with export requirements. You may also generate export documents and certificates.

    Read more about responsibilities of export registered establishments.

    Online services and systems

    You must register in our Export Documentation System (EXDOC) to link your name and details in export documents.

    Check the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) for an updated list of export requirements from specific importing countries.

    Stay informed

    Check our industry notices and advices.

    We use these to tell you about changes to:

    • laws and regulations
    • market access conditions
    • operational requirements.


    Other government agencies and industry bodies can also help you get export ready.

    Check our list of industry resources.

    Fees and charges

    Our fees and charges are available in our charging guidelines.

    Last reviewed: 3 March 2020
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