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    Lodging returns and paying levies


    Before you can lodge your first return and make a payment you must first register with the department to receive a unique LRS number. Registration is a once off process and is free of charge. To register, contact a Levies Office in your state or territory.


    Return periods will vary between commodities. Please refer to the relevant commodity page to determine if you must lodge your return monthly, quarterly or on a half-yearly or annual basis.

    Lodging your return

    Levies Online is available for all commodities except those listed below:

    • Dried fruits – house packaging
    • Dried vine fruits
    • Eggs
    • Farmed prawns
    • Mushrooms
    • Nursery products
    • Pasture seeds
    • Strawberries

    Making a payment

    To make a payment to the department, please consider Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the first instance. If you are unable to make a payment by EFT, the department will also accept payment by cheque or money order.

    To confirm your LRS account number contact Levies Management on (toll free) 1800 020 619.

    Electronic Funds Transfer

    Please include your LRS account number at the beginning of the EFT payment reference, followed by your business name to ensure that your payment is processed quickly and accurately.

    To make your payment by EFT, you must use the details listed in the table below:

    Bank Reserve Bank of Australia
    BSB 092009
    Account Number 111700
    Account Name Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Official Administered Receipts
    Payment Reference Insert the prefix ‘LRS; followed by your unique LRS account number and your business name.
    Example:?? LRS12345 AZ Wholesale

    Cheque or Money Order

    Your cheque or money order must be made out and mailed to:

    Made out to Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment - Levies
    Mailed to Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – Levies
    Locked Bag 4488

    Note: the department does not accept post-dated cheques.

    Late payment penalties

    If you pay your levy or charge late you will incur a penalty that is calculated daily at a compounding rate of 2 per cent of the unpaid amount each month, including any penalties you have already accrued until you have paid the outstanding amount in full.

    For more information about late payment penalties, including penalty remissions, visit the late payment penalties page.?

    Records that must be kept when you lodge a return and make a payment

    If you lodge a return with the department, you must keep records that support the information you have supplied in your returns for five (5) years. A person who has lodged a return with the department may be required to provide information about that return to an authorised person under Section 23 of the PILCC Act 1991. Schedule 24 of the Act contains offence provisions for failing to provide information if requested.

    More information about the type of records you must keep for each commodity can be found in the relevant commodity page. This information, however, is a guide only and it is your responsibility to remain aware of your obligations under legislation.

    Last reviewed: 18 June 2020
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