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    Drought and rural support

    The Australian Government has released a drought response, resilience and preparedness plan.

    Our plan is focused on 3 themes:

    • Immediate action for those in drought.
    • Support for the wider communities affected by drought.
    • Long-term resilience and preparedness.

    Read the detail in the Australian Government’s Drought Response, Resilience and Preparedness Plan.

    We know that farmers and rural communities deal with a range of on and off-farm challenges, including drought.

    We are acting to help farmers and communities. Find support to deal with the problems of right now, and to prepare for the future.

    Immediate action for those affected by drought

    Farm Household Allowance

    For farm households experiencing hardship. New assets threshold and lump sum payments up to $12,000.

    Rural Financial Counsellors

    Helping you find and apply for funds. With an extra $5 million to support increased demand for our free services.


    Services to give you mental and emotional support. Connecting you to the right people to help you.

    Drought Community Support Initiative

    Up to $3,000 to eligible farming households facing hardship due to drought. Managed through selected charities.

    Regional Investment Corporation

    Loans for farmers and farm business owners in financial need. Limit?increased to $2 million.

    Tax deductions

    Special deductions and other tax support for primary producers. Managed by the Australian Taxation Office.

    Drought map

    National online drought map. Use this to check data on drought conditions and find support in your area.

    Climate and weather

    Giving farmers the data they need to assist on-farm decision making.

    Pest and weed management

    Funding measures to manage pest animals and weeds in farm communities.

    Water for fodder

    For farmers in the southern connected Murray-Darling Basin.

    Water infrastructure

    Rebates for on-farm water infrastructure. $50 million in funding over 3 years.




    Connecting Australian farmers with services and support for tough times.

    Discover FarmHub.


    Support for the wider communities affected

    Drought Communities Programme Extension

    Funding local council projects. Helping rural communities manage through drought.

    Tackling Tough Times Together

    Grants for regional communities across Australia. To help with the devastating effects of the current drought.

    Building Better Regions Fund

    Funding projects that create jobs and drive growth in regional communities. Priority for projects in drought-affected areas.

    Roads to Recovery

    New funding for regions eligible for the Drought Community Programme Extension. Funding to local councils to maintain local roads.

    School Special Circumstances Funding

    $10 million for drought-affected schools. Support to deal with financial difficulty caused by drought.

    Community Child Care Fund

    Better access to child care services in disadvantaged areas. $5 million for early learning services in drought-affected communities.

    Drought Communities Small Business Support Program

    Free financial counselling and access to other professional services is now available for small businesses in drought-affected areas.


    Long-term resilience and preparedness

    Future Drought Fund

    Helping farm businesses and communities build drought resilience. Funding will begin in 2020.

    Australian Government plan

    We have released a drought response, resilience and preparedness plan. It sets out how we can work together to deal with drought.


    In your state or territory

    Your local government plays an important role in drought relief. We share responsibilities and work together to help you.

    Find more support in your state or territory:

    Media releases

    Stay informed. Check the latest media releases for updates on drought support.







    Last reviewed: 7 October 2020
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