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    ?????Join ABARES

    Are you looking for a career in science and economics research? Would you want to be part of a team?committed to excellence, innovation and creativity in research, which delivers rigorous, independent, high-quality, accessible scientific and economic analysis and data to inform policy and decision makers in government, industry and the communities we serve?

    At ABARES, we look for highly skilled people who are able to work creatively and constructively with stakeholders and clients. The bureau is an ideal workplace for those who want to develop their research and analytical skills, build strong relationships, and work across a range of fields relating to the agriculture, fisheries and forestry portfolio.

    We value professionalism, integrity, great minds and practical thinking. We offer rewarding working conditions and excellent remuneration. We encourage continuous learning and provide a wide range of development opportunities.

    As a valued member of our team, you'll enjoy a rewarding work program, tailored to suit your skill set and career aspirations while meeting our program delivery needs. Your work will directly contribute to the evidence base for future policy development by the Australian Government.

    Positions are advertised on the Department’s jobs centre.

    Register for temporary employment

    If you are interested in working for the bureau on a short-term or casual basis, you can register your interest on the Department’s temporary employment register.


    We are committed to fostering a diverse and flexible workplace that values differences, supports inclusiveness and encourages all employees regardless of gender, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation or caring responsibilities, to achieve their potential.

    Reach Program temporary employment register

    Our Reach Program is an in-house program that involves recruiting employees with autism to undertake a number of roles within the department. It is part of our commitment to promoting inclusion.

    We recognise the value employees with autism can bring to organisations across a number of areas with the program aiming to match autistic talent with business areas.

    You can register your interest for the Reach Program on the department's Reach Program Temporary Employment Register.

    Reasonable adjustments para

    People with disability can request workplace modifications or reasonable adjustments to assist in applying for positions, participating in the recruitment process, and with their daily job. These adjustments are aimed at removing barriers for people with disability so they can undertake their job in the best way possible. These include access, equipment and other practical support.

    If you require reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process, you can include these in your online job application or discuss your needs with the position’s contact officer.

    RecruitAbility scheme

    We take part in the Australian Public Service (APS) RecruitAbility scheme. It supports employing people with disability in the department and wider APS.

    If you have a disability, you can opt into the scheme. If you meet the minimum requirements of the job, you’ll advance to the second stage in the selection process.

    Last reviewed: 21 October 2020
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